Happy day to all. We would like to thank you for your business over the years. We are making some changes that we think you are going to like. Where you order is going to look a little different but you can now order online again and have many more product options shipped directly from the trusted manufacturer we have always used. Just click the following link and check it out. We are happy to help you through this transition. If you have questions call 405.615.6052 https://americanwholesalehemp.com/?AFF=23

CBD Oil Tinctures

Our CBD tinctures are unrivaled in quality. With CO2 extraction, we offer CBD oil with 60% active CBD molecule. We also offer our tinctures in trial sizes, so you can find the best strength for your body. 

500mg Tincture

1000mg Tincture

2500mg Tincture

  Geeking out with the Endocannabinoid System!

Have you ever wondered what goes on inside your body while you're going about your daily life? If you're like me, I don't have time to worry about how my cannabinoid receptors are firing. But wait! Maybe we should think more about these receptor friends of ours. When your car or lawn mower has a faulty spark plug, you have to clean or change it, right? It's the same with the cannabinoid jewels. If they don't seem to be firing correctly, we will feel anxiety, pain, inflammation or just not right.

CBD is like giving your cannabinoid receptors a lube job. Who doesn't love a good lube job on their god pod? We get massages, we get our nails done, we go fishing or we eat a delicious salad. These are all wonderful things to help relax us and improve our life. What if we take it one step further and lube up those receptors every day? Be still your beautiful heart! You would be giving your precious body a gift of goodness straight from mama nature herself. Huh, you say? Cannabis is grown in nature, not artificially manufactured in a factory. When the oil is distilled from this luscious, green goodness...Voila! CBD oil appears. A  blend of carrier oils are added to properly deliver the CBD to your receptors and give them a happy boost. Who wouldn't want their receptors to be gloriously joyful? Here is a quick peek at the endocannabinoid system each of our bodies has. Yes, you have your very own to treat with loving kindness!